Link building (link building) is the generation of links from external web pages. These links are also known as backlinks or inlinks. The purpose of Linkbuilding is to make your website easier to find by building authority. When a website gets a link from another website, a search engine sees this as a recommendation and therefore as quality. Many online marketing specialists agree that 60% of your page rank depends on link building. However, link building in the right way is not easy and very time consuming.

SenS Online Solutions has various link building specialists who can ensure that your website has a good link build profile. To make your website easier to find in the organic search results. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Then discuss this with one of our experts!

A good link building strategy in SEO

We hope that the above piece has given a clear answer to the question “what is link building?”. If it is the case that it is not completely clear yet, we recommend that you read on quickly! We will further explain here what link building is exactly and why this is important for every site.

Link building, also known as authority, is one of the three pillars of SEO. This means that it plays a huge role in the ranking of your site in the organic search results. The authority value mainly depends on internal and external links.

However, this is not necessarily about the amount of links to your website, but more about the relevance. The moment you have a lot of links to your website that have nothing to do with the topic of your site, this can be seen as spam by Google. In addition, a link build profile must also be diverse, which means that there are different types of links to link to your site. This ensures a natural profile. With a link building strategy it is important to know in advance which pages you want to boost. Search terms (anchors) also play an important role in this. These search terms then contain a link to the relevant page of your site.

Outsource link building

If you want to outsource link building, SenS Online Solutions is the right place for you. As a link building agency, we employ various link building specialists who have years of experience in this field. We can provide a natural and relevant link build profile. This is important, as Google imposes penalties (fines) on sites with an unnatural backlink profile. This obviously has a lot of negative consequences for your site. Do you want to go for certainty and quality? In that case, outsourcing link building to our specialists is the right decision. As a link building agency we always work solid and efficient.

Analyse voor linkbuilding

Before we get started with forming a link building strategy, we will first perform some analyzes. For example, we look at the current links and the authority value of the moment. Based on this, it can be mapped out which pages deserve the most attention. Naturally, everything is done in consultation with the customer.

High authority score? Contact SenS Online Solutions!

Do you also want to achieve a higher authority score with your site and therefore rank higher in the organic search results? Then take action now! The first step in a successful link profile is to contact the link building specialists of SenS Online Solutions. Our employees are also available for questions or comments. You can call us on +31 36 30 300 61. Do you prefer contact by email? Send an email to Do not hesitate to contact us!