Remarketing of Google Ads makes it possible to target visitors who have already visited your website. This is even possible down to the level of specific pages. By means of targeted advertisements in the Google Display Network, these visitors can be brought back to your website via the websites of others. By showing a visitor relevant advertisements via the Google Display Network, they can be stimulated to return to your website. With a webshop it is also possible to have recently viewed products come back with remarketing campaigns. SenS Online Solutions helps you to set up and monitor these campaigns as efficiently as possible for maximum results. We are happy to tell you more about it or contact us directly!

Remarketing is efficient

We can set up a remarketing campaign where we will place a cookie with visitors to the website. We will chase these visitors on different sites within the Google Display Network with different banners. These banners are tested by our Remarketing Team, in order to identify which banners perform best.

Google Analytics and Remarketing

To get the most out of the remarketing campaigns, we will measure the results accurately using Google Analytics. We can use the collected data to optimize the campaigns. In this way we ensure that the banners are only displayed on websites that are profitable and that the marketing budget is used intelligently.