By means of Banner Marketing or Display Marketing we can use banners very specifically on websites that are connected to the Google Display Network. This is a network to which millions of websites worldwide are connected. You can follow people who have already visited your website with interesting offers or products. You can also use Banner Marketing or Display Marketing to introduce your product or service to people who are still unfamiliar with your product. By using online banners you can easily increase your brand awareness.

SenS Online Solutions is happy to help you set up, organize, monitor and of course optimize Display Marketing and / or Banner Marketing. Do you want to know more? Then you can contact one of our experts!

Inexpensive branding

Where at media agencies you have to buy very expensive for impressions or views, with the Google Display Network you only have to pay per click. This means that if the banner is shown, and the target group does not see the banner, then it does not have to be paid for. In this way you can work on many impressions, at an extremely low cost.

Benefits of banner marketing

Easily reach the target group online.

Reach a large target group at a low cost, only pay for traffic to the website.

Very targeted targeting possible, even within a radius of a kilometer.

The results of banner marketing can be seen in Google Analytics and Google Ads, which immediately shows how successful the campaign is.


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