As a business-to-business company, using online marketing does not always seem the most obvious way to generate more sales, attract new customers or increase brand awareness. However, using online marketing for B2B offers opportunities for almost every organization in this branch. There are opportunities to get more out of your business locally, nationally and internationally. Online marketing for larger companies, as online marketing for SMEs, we can help your company with targeted campaigns.

What does online marketing for B2B mean?

Using online marketing for B2B properly is addressing a complete package of services. At SenS Online Solutions we help you with this package of services. As a Full Service Online Marketing agency we can be of service with all facets of online marketing, including:

  • SEO (Search engine optimization, for more free traffic from Google)
  • SEA (For quality, paid traffic and direct visibility)
  • Social Media (For more traffic from Social Media channels, such as LinkedIn)

Online marketing is interesting at a local, national and international level and, above all, sensible to use to reach the desired business target group. For example, it is possible to target specific business parks with Ads (SEA). Or do you have a list of postcodes where your target group is located? We can specifically target your service to this group. This way you only get quality traffic on the website which converts faster

With Social Media Marketing we can help you get quality traffic from various Social Media channels, such as LinkedIn. We then create a targeted campaign for you which exactly appeals to the target group. This is only a small part of what we can do for you with online marketing for your B2B company.

Curious about the possibilities of online marketing for B2B? We will tell you all about it

Do you want to grow the turnover of your company by using online marketing for B2B? Contact SenS Online Solutions and we will discuss the possibilities for your company with you. We can be reached at 036-3030061 or email us at It is also possible to fill in our contact form or reach us quickly via WhatsApp via +31647468434. The coffee is ready for you!