As a restaurant you naturally want to be found in Google and other search engines. Whether you have a take-out or delivery service or if the guests come to eat at your restaurant, findability is crucial. The vast majority of people nowadays look up in advance where they can have a nice lunch or dinner with their group. It is important that you come forward here. SenS Online Solutions helps you with this. Together we create an online marketing strategy that works. This means more traffic to your website, more guests for your restaurant and more sales for you!

Online marketing tips for your restaurant

As the owner of a restaurant, it is crucial for you to constantly stay up to date and to ensure that your website and social media are completely up-to-date. Why? The hospitality industry is becoming an increasingly essential concept in the Netherlands with the arrival of many beautiful concepts, such as sleek pop-up restaurants, coffee bars with well-trained baristas and other special theme restaurants. For example, come up with a nice hashtag with which customers can post photos on Instagram and turn it into a giveaway! For you this is a win-win situation.

Restaurants increasingly want to be able to distinguish themselves in a unique way. That is why it is very important that you respond to this as a restaurant owner. Do this through strong online marketing. When you are clearly visible online, embrace a user-friendly website and put your restaurant on the map uniquely, you generate a much better conversion. Differentiating your restaurant from the others, that’s what you want!

Tips to rank higher with your website

website pops out with fascinating information. For example, use high quality photo (s) of your restaurant with clear content where the theme of your business clearly stands out and make sure you place a smart call-to-action. The visitors find it very pleasant if they can book online with you, so a tip: arrange a cozy button for this. And perhaps just as important a tip; make sure your mobile website is up to date. Many visitors look for good restaurants on their phone during a day out and you don’t want them to drop out because it doesn’t run smoothly!

Your restaurant at the top of the online menu

Ensuring optimal findability is essential for your restaurant. By means of effective, clear content, a website is quickly appreciated well. To do this, do targeted market research to see what your target group is and which expressions you want to rank with in Google. It has an important added value if your website is readable and user-friendly.

It is smart, for example, to respond to the seasons and then adjust the keywords accordingly. When summer comes around again, your restaurant will certainly rank well on “cocktails” and “specialty beer” for example. But when it is almost Christmas, “mulled wine” is of course better. An essential tip is to include the right keywords in your content. Do this on socials as well as on your website so that you generate more clicks and your conversion eventually increases.

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We are happy to support you as a restaurant owner in online marketing. Do you have any questions or would you like tips? At SenS Online Solutions you are at the right door. We offer tailor-made advice on targeted online marketing and ensure that your restaurant is uniquely placed on the map. Contact us by emailing or call us on 036-3030061. In addition, you can of course also directly request a free analysis via our web form opposite.