How to: How to turn shopping cart dropouts into conversions!

Curious how you can ensure that your visitor stays in the webshop and converts in no time? It can be arranged simply and quickly. Prevent shopping cart dropouts with our 3 top tips!

Tip 1: Make your customer journey a paradise for the visitor

The visitor to your webshop comes in for a reason. They are linked to your website or know your company through a good friend. Most consumers are looking for a product that fully meets their needs and that naturally includes a user-friendly website where this product can be purchased. If the visitor notices that a website is faltering or not compatible with their smartphone, the consumer will quickly click on the mean red cross. Of course you want to prevent this! To achieve a steady conversion rate, you need to take a number of steps:

  1. Smartphone compatibility: Is your webshop actually optimized for smartphones? You may be reading this now and you think: are there still web shops that are not? Hell yes. Due to the enormous growth in multifunctional smartphone use, it is therefore essential to adapt the customer journey to the market and the technology. Make a mobile website work optimally in terms of speed and user-friendliness. The conversions actually meet you!
  2. Optimal ordering process: Problems and hiccups are really a no-go in the experience and ordering process. So make sure that a visitor can easily and conveniently fill the shopping basket with his favorite products, but also quickly return to the shop overview to add multiple products to his basket. This way you ensure that the visitor can continue his purchases in a satisfied way and not leave your webshop out of irritation! This also means that it must be a clear field where the visitor must enter his data. For example, provide opportunities for “guest” buyer and of course have “create an account” come back for an optimal bond with your webshop. Also focus on the automatic filling in of customer data, the less effort it takes: the better!
  3. Navigation optimization: Maximum 3x clicks is the rule! Does the visitor easily find their way through your webshop? Then the navigation structure is optimal! The consumer does not want to click more than 3x before he can access his desired information. You can easily solve this by optimizing the structure of the webshop so that good navigation offers a solution to the consumer in no time!
  4. Create a simple check-out: A visitor feels appreciated through an extensive range of payment options. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to payment methods. When the salary has not yet been paid, people sometimes want to appreciate a choice in ‘paying afterwards’. Think of Klarna and AfterPay. Other well-known payment options are credit card, PayPal, iDEAL or Bancontact. In addition, we must now assume that “mobile payment” is also the method of payment. So make sure that when you click on checkout, the bank application is opened immediately and your visitor can complete his payment in an easy way. A 1-click checkout is the way to generate satisfied visitors, because you ensure that he can make the decisive click to payment from one page! Conversions? You will see it!

Tip 2: Convince the visitor with a secure payment environment

What is the importance of a secure payment environment? We are happy to tell you all about it! It is important that customers gain confidence in your company and you do this by offering secure payment options, among other things. What exactly is that piece of trust and what is a secure payment option? We explain!

  • Be transparent to the visitor: Customers like high transparency. This implies; emphatically know where they stand. You realize this by indicating the maximum delivery time, what the shipping costs are and also show the VAT price to the visitor in advance. It is also important that you keep these promises. Indicating that a product will be “delivered within 1 day” also means that you should actually be able to do this. By clearly communicating what the conditions and options are, you create a good sense of trust with the customer, who is then only too happy to buy or make use of your services!
  • Provide a technically optimal payment system: In addition to communication, the technical aspect is also important! If you want to generate faster conversions, you will have to invest in a secure payment system. The customer must be able to see in no time that paying to you is safe and easy. By using a certified (PSP) Payment Service Provider, all payments are securely transferred from the visitor’s bank account to your company and vice versa. With a PSP you ensure that payments are immediately and securely transferred without an intermediary. The faster and safer your payment process is for the customer, the faster conversions are realized. This way you prevent your customer from switching to the competitor!

Tip 3: Gebruik social media voor retargetting

Retargetting via social media is de ultieme mogelijkheid om fans van jouw product extra te ondersteunen in hun buying-proces. Op het moment dat een bezoeker van je webshop zijn winkelmand verlaat en verder gaat speuren op social media, ontstaat er namelijk een nieuwe kans!

Retargeting via social media is the ultimate opportunity to give fans of your product extra support in their buying process. The moment a visitor to your webshop leaves his shopping cart and continues to search on social media, a new opportunity arises!

With retargetting you can ensure that the consumer on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook receives an advertisement from your webshop or even the last viewed product. As soon as customers are additionally confronted with a product or service of which they are already a fan, they will return to the webshop more quickly to proceed to payment. The conversion rate on these types of ads is very high. This is because visitors send a reliable buying signal by placing multiple items in their shopping cart. Retargeting with social media is therefore an ideal way to generate higher conversions and make the visitor even more of a fan of your product!

More tips & tricks from our specialists?

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