Video Marketing is becoming increasingly popular, such as using a channel like YouTube. On YouTube it is possible to only be shown with videos about related topics, which ensures that you can target your advertisements at a specific target group. This is a very effective way of advertising, because the target audience is already interested in the topic. There is also paid per view, so that payment is only made when the ad is actually viewed. In addition, the use of banners appears to work well for conversions. In the first instance, more than thirty percent of internet users click on the banners, of which twenty-seven percent immediately perform a search about the company.

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Different types of YouTube Ads

When it comes to video marketing, there are different types of YouTube Ads.

  • Video Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Gadget Ads

Which type of advertisement is used depends on your goal. Of course, a different ad is used for brand awareness than for a conversion increase.

Advantages of video marketing

  • YouTube Advertising only costs money when the video is actually viewed
  • YouTube Ads are shown with a related video, making ads highly targeted.
  • Someone who watches YouTube ads can click through to a website
  • The results are easy to measure, which means that we can adjust the various advertisements and campaigns.

Benefits banner marketing

  • Double the number of clicks from banner campaigns when banner marketing is used in combination with search engine optimization.
  • Banner marketing only costs money when the banner is clicked.
  • The results of banner marketing can be seen in Google Analytics and Google Ads, which immediately shows how successful the campaign is.

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