Online marketing for brokers? Yes! At SenS Online Solutions we have extensive experience with targeted online marketing for brokers. In this way we increase your reach and brand awareness in the region in an effective and efficient manner. We are able to achieve strong results for brokers who focus on the business market as well as those who focus on the private market. This results in increases in search results, cost-efficient campaigns and ultimately in growth and turnover for you.

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Online marketing for you as a broker

As everyone prefers in his or her field, as a real estate agent you want nothing more than to be busy with the most important tasks of your work. That is why it is certainly smart to outsource online marketing to specialists. We know that as a broker you want to keep in touch with many different target groups and that you must be easily accessible and findable for them.

Are important colleagues and customers; appraisers, mortgage advisers, project developers, construction engineers and, for example, private individuals looking for their perfect (first) home. They should also be able to find your website and expertise quickly and easily online. That is why you should make good use of your business skills to demonstrate who you are as extensively as possible. Clearly indicate online why you are the right broker for your client. By combining a detailed description of your profession with the right keywords in sparkling texts on your website, you create a higher ranking in Google, many clicks and generate conversions. That’s smart online marketing!

Optimize your online findability

If you, as a broker, do not rank on the first page of Google, it will cause problems in your findability. As soon as potential customers only encounter other brokers during their online search, your accessibility weakens and you want to prevent that. Good online marketing plays an essential role in this. It is essential to identify your interests and determine what your goals are. Do you want to rank higher in Google? Then write suitable, user-friendly content on your website to make it easier to find. You also ensure that you come across as reliable to colleagues from the industry and of course potential buyers and sellers of real estate. Check and optimize your link building and ensure correct use of the correct links.

The next step in online marketing is of course keeping this content up-to-date and optimizing your website. Staying up-to-date is crucial if you want to increase your brand awareness. Use a strategy that works best for you as a broker and take those steps online to continue to increase conversion.

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