Do you have a local business and are you curious about how you can effectively use online marketing locally to reach your (potential) customers? At SenS Online Solutions we help you to reach your target group. After all, no matter how small you are, there is a good chance that not every potential customer knows you yet. We can set this up through highly targeted and personal campaigns. This way you will be at the top of the search results locally, among your target group, and your business will grow. We can ensure that you become more visible on both Social Media and Google. Curious about what we can do for your local company? Our specialists will be happy to discuss the options with you!

Ads for local marketing

By means of Ads we see which keywords score the highest, so we can help you optimize your content for the region in which your company is active. This ensures that your website gets as high as possible in the organic search results, so that your website gets noticed by more (potential) customers. For more information, see the Ads page.


SenS Online Solutions ensures that your banners will be displayed on suitable local websites. A big advantage of banners is that you only pay per click, which means that if the visitors don’t click on the banners, it costs you nothing, even if they have seen the banners. For more information, see the page about banner marketing.

Link building

SenS Online Solutions has several link building specialists who can help you build a large number of backlinks on local websites for your website. In this way, your website gets a higher trust and citation flow, which means that you will rank higher in the search engines.