Search engine marketing, no company can live without it. By deploying a targeted online marketing campaign for your organization, you can reach exactly the visitors who are interested or looking for your service or product. That way you don’t spend thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of euros on advertisements that largely appeal to your target audience.

Through the right combination of SEO (search engine optimization), Google Ads and social media (advertising) management, we create a strong foundation that support each other to be found better. Contact SenS Online Solutions today to discuss the possibilities or read more about what we can do for your company with search engine marketing.

More visitors to your website

With a well thought-out campaign we get more visitors to your website. We focus on relevant visitors, People who are looking for the products or services you offer. The campaign is aimed at getting the site to appear as high as possible in the search results, also because searchers often do not look beyond the first page. With the campaigns we increase the conversion, so that you get more profit from the website.

Advertising on search engines through Google Ads

Search engine advertising is part of our search engine marketing. Paid ads will be placed above the free search results. The most well-known way of advertising within the search results is through Google Ads. Here we can target very specifically on a certain search term, region, gender, day of the week and even times. You decide on which keywords you want to be found and what your maximum budget is for them. The advantage of advertising within Google is that you only have to pay for a click to the website. We can then measure again what the traffic of these clicks does within the website and whether this traffic is delivering the desired goals. This can be requests, orders or, for example, downloads. Our search engine experts are experienced in setting up targeted search engine marketing campaigns to reach your target audience. We match the texts and keywords we use with the search query and increase the chance of conversion.

Searchmachine optimalisation

Search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine optimization is aimed at the free search results of Google. Optimizing your website for search engines allows the search engines to better rate your website and improves your ranking in the organic search results. The investment you make for this is aimed at the long term. We optimize the basis of your website once and can then help you with the monthly optimization of the website, adding content and using link building. The technology and content are optimized so that Google understands your website better. Because if Google can better determine the subject of the page within your website, this page will rank higher in the free search results. The “clicks” that this generates are free and therefore a welcome addition to the paid advertising.

Tailor-made search engine marketing

Do you want to get more return from your website? Higher in the search results through targeted search engine marketing? Then quickly contact SenS Online Solutions or call 036-3030061.