Google Shopping is a service from Google that makes it possible to help searchers find and purchase products on the internet. This has several advantages for web shops. For example, Google Shopping can be used to make the range available online in a quick and easy way. Products can be found more easily. Well-designed Google Shopping campaigns make it possible to reach online shoppers and thus generate more traffic to your website. A good Google Shopping can take quite some effort and is not an easy job. SenS Online Solutions offers you support in properly organizing these campaigns. We will tell you more about it or plan a meeting to discuss the possibilities!

High in Google Shopping

In order to attract these visitors it is important to obtain a high position within Google Shopping. The space for the free search results is getting smaller and the space for advertisers is getting bigger. A Google Shopping ad consists of the name of the product, a photo of it, the price and the name of the webshop. The ads are shown below the normal Google Ads ads, as shown in the image at the bottom of this page. We can arrange for your products to be displayed at this location.


SenS Online Solutions is a specialist in the field of Google Shopping Marketing. We follow the developments of Google closely, which is why SenS Online Solutions has already specialized in Google Shopping Marketing. Our experts have all the knowledge and experience necessary to give you a high position within Google Shopping. Are you interested in Google Shopping Marketing or do you have more questions? Please feel free to contact us via: +31 36 30 300 61 or use the contact form.

An example of Google Shopping in the search results. The paid advertisements take up a large part of the search results, online store owners are more or less obliged to participate in paid advertisements in order to get visitors through Google.