Event marketing is one of the toughest sports in the marketing world, especially online marketing for events. Finding the right target group for your event, stimulating ticket sales or, on the contrary, stimulating brand awareness, these are all aspects that come into play when promoting an event. By means of online marketing for your event you can target the right target group. We are happy to help you with the different options.

Promote your event with online marketing

If you want to boost your event through online marketing, you probably think first of all to promote the event with social media. A smart move, but are you also addressing the right target group? Are you using the right social media channels and are you making it accessible to order tickets? These are all questions that arise and for which you need specific knowledge. In addition to social media, there are plenty of options to promote your event in a targeted manner. SenS Online Solutions helps you with all these options and the related questions. Together with you, we draw up a plan to get the most out of your event.

Deploy online marketing for events

By using targeted online marketing for your event, you can target exactly the right target group. We can do this in various ways. Think of targeting comparable events, visitors who fall exactly within the desired target group or visitors who have already shown interest in the event. The possibilities of online marketing for events are very extensive.

Promote your event online? Get in touch now

Do you want to make your event a great success? Get in touch with SenS Online Solutions and we will discuss the possibilities of online marketing with you. We can be reached by phone on 036-3030061 or send us an email to info@sensmarketing.nl. Of course you can also fill in our contact form or reach us via WhatsApp: +31647468434.