Google Analytics gives you more insight into how visitors to your website behave. By means of various statistics you receive information with which you can further optimize your website. SenS Online Solutions offers support in filtering relevant information and extracts exactly those points that are most valuable to you. In addition, we can also provide direct insight into striking or deviating points, so that you can take targeted action. Our specialists will be happy to discuss the possibilities of Google Analytics support with you. Simply contact us directly via the button below!

Set up Google Analytics

Our experience allows us to tailor Google Analytics. In accordance with your needs, you will receive a monthly report with all relevant information. Your visitors, customers, goals and possibilities at a glance in a customized report. You have direct insight into the performance of your website and how many customers Google brings you. We can help you with this even if you already use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics in short

You start on the dashboard, the clear start page of Google Analytics. All frequently used statistics are clearly displayed on this. From here you can easily navigate to the many available reports. Among other things, the following information is displayed on the dashboard:

The number of new visitors

Which pages are visited

The average time visitors spend on your site

The origin of visitors

Extensive reporting options

If you click through, you will find the deeper information behind the dashboard. This gives you very specific insights. Whatever your wishes are, if you want to get started with Google Analytics but want to set it up professionally, SenS Online Solutions is the right place. Contact us today for professional advice.