What has changed on LinkedIn and what has been announced for 2021?

The new year has started, so it’s good to see: What’s new on LinkedIn and what’s next? We have known LinkedIn as a professional social network for many years and there is also a lot to be gained on LinkedIn for your business. LinkedIn is constantly implementing changes, so we have listed the 5 new indispensable functionalities of LinkedIn for you!

Why you should use LinkedIn for your business!

We have seen a growth in daily use and the number of active users on LinkedIn for years. LinkedIn will also see strong growth in use in 2020, mainly due to the corona virus, where personal contact is often lacking. Being visible online has become even more important and perhaps even indispensable. This growth is also something to keep an eye on for companies, because a company page is something that can no longer be missed nowadays, even for small self-employed people.

We tell you what has changed on LinkedIn in 2020 and what has been announced for 2021:

Post reminder

Do you find it difficult to post regularly and therefore remain visible to your network? There is now the solution! You can now set up a post reminder on LinkedIn, so that you are reminded every month to write an update and share it with your network.

Make more connections

For a while now, business page admins have been able to invite 100 connections per month. LinkedIn has already increased this to 250 invitations per month in some cases. A very useful development, because the larger your network, the more people you reach with your message.

You can also see which administrator sent the invitation. Unfortunately, the function to send a message with the invitation is still missing.

Product pages on the company page

LinkedIn announced late last year to add product pages to the company page. This is the perfect way to present your products and / or services to your network. How and when is not yet known, but this is certainly something to keep a close eye on.

Expansion of the administrator roles on the company page

Soon there will be more options for administrators. For example, 3 roles can be divided: the main administrator, content manager and analyst. You can also add administrators who are not yet connected to you.

Engagement report from your company page

When you work with uploaded lists within campaign manager, you recently have access to a new function. You now have access to a report that gives you insights into how the companies you have targeted are responding to your ads, very handy!

Need help using LinkedIn?

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