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Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the paid advertising program from Google. Use Google Adwords to target your audience. We generate targeted traffic to your website and make sure they convert to the goal you desire. With Adwords you are on top of the results within a day!


Every success starts with a good website. Therefore we developed a qualified Webdesign team which consists of frontend and backend developers, designers and programmers. All websites and webshops we deliver, are SEO proof, user friendly and responsive for each device..

Conversion Optimalization

Conversion is what it is all about for your website. This can be an item bought, a form filled in or a specific enquiry. Our conversion optimization team can help you maximize the outcome of your website or webshop. This results in a more profitable website. Let us help you to elevate your conversion rate…

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the best form of online marketing. With a higher rank in the search results, your website will be visited by visitors with a specific need. The only thing you need to do, is convince them that you can fulfill their needs. And we will help you with this.

Online Marketing Company

S&S Online Marketing is an international operating online marketing company, specialized in all kinds of search engine marketing and online marketing. Joris Stigters and Robin Sluijter founded S&S Online Marketing in 2008 and quickly expanded their business to a well know full service internet marketing agency.

The two owners of the company were both working for big companies in the online marketing industry and decided to start with S&S Online Marketing to use their knowledge to help all kinds of different companies all over the world.

Robin Sluijter: “We knew that many companies in the online marketing industry were abusing their clients, and we wanted to help these unaware entrepreneurs. We give all our clients full insight in everything that we do, to obtain the maximum conversion. This leads to new clients on a daily basis!

Pieter Schut

“The Netherlands has the best young entrepreneurs reported “The Telegraaf” recently. Robin Sluijter is one of them. His strengths are: persistent, innovative and strong interpersonal skills. I’m to watch Robin his future and so should you!”

Pieter SchutCEO Tadorna Media

Online Marketing Cases

Ready for mobile devices!

Responsive design is a must-have

In all our online marketing activities, we follow the mobile revolution. The websites that we deliver today adapt to the screen size of your device. In online marketing campaigns, we adjust the ads for visitors on computers or on tablets and mobile devices.
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