Conversion optimization is important for converting a visitor to a customer or lead. When visitors proceed to an action on your website, this is called a conversion. A purchase, subscription to a newsletter or a completed contact form are all examples of a conversion. Per page you set a goal that must be achieved, such as clicking on a telephone number or requesting a quote. By means of an extensive analysis and tests we can have your website converted better, so that you get more business from the same number of visitors.

Do you also want to get more conversion from your current website? SenS Online Solutions can help you perform conversion optimization. With this we realize more conversions that are desired. Do you want to know more? Our experts are happy to discuss the options with you!

Visitors become customers

In conversion optimization it is very important that you get inside the mind of the visitor. A visitor comes to your website with a specific goal, then it must be ensured that the visitor is sent to his goal. Visitors to your site are stimulated by all kinds of things. They become customers when they are encouraged to convert. Google Analytics offers insight into the behavior of the visitors on your website. The statistics provide insight into the conversion rate. It can also be made clear where visitors drop out, for example. This can provide very valuable information with which we can use the conversion optimization process.

Little things can make the difference

Colors, text, buttons, these are a number of elements that can be decisive when it comes to conversion. To find out what works best on your website, we will test it. We test by randomly using different colors or texts on a page. The version that converts best becomes the final version. That way you get the most conversion and that can mean higher sales!

A / B testing

With different versions of a specific page we can test which one gets the most conversion. This is called A / B testing. The versions differ on 1 point, so that it is clear what determines the difference. Visitors are randomly presented with a version. At the end of the test period, we determine on the basis of the measurement data which version converts best.

Conversion optimization for your website

As a first step, we analyze your website. We determine the focus of the conversion optimization process. We will start tests on the basis of the available measurement data. We study the results in detail, because with this we can improve your website. Your website converts more and that translates into new customers, business and revenue. Make an appointment today with our specialists!