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What has changed on LinkedIn and what has been announced for 2021?

The new year has started, so it’s good to see: What’s new on LinkedIn and what’s next? We have known LinkedIn as a professional social network for many years and there is also a lot to be gained on LinkedIn for your business. LinkedIn is constantly implementing changes, so we have listed the 5 new […]

Conversion optimization guide

It is a term that we see more and more often in the marketing world: conversion optimization! Not surprising, because conversion optimization has many advantages to offer and is also becoming increasingly important today. But what exactly is conversion optimization? And how can you start with it? We will cover this concept in detail in […]

How to: How to turn shopping cart dropouts into conversions!

Curious how you can ensure that your visitor stays in the webshop and converts in no time? It can be arranged simply and quickly. Prevent shopping cart dropouts with our 3 top tips! Tip 1: Make your customer journey a paradise for the visitor The visitor to your webshop comes in for a reason. They […]

3 SEO trends you shouldn’t miss in 2021!

Google’s algorithm is updated numerous times a year. Most of the updates are too minor to notice, but there are some bigger updates too. Search rules are constantly changing, making search optimization a moving target. The rapid change of SEO makes it crucial to always stay on top of the trends and adjust your SEO […]