Are you a business owner or responsible for the marketing of your company? Video marketing is a great way to reach your potential clients.A�A perfect way to increase awareness is with a video.

Marketing or promotions can be done through various techniques and one of those techniques is video marketing. Ita��s simple and pretty useful because the users or clients can directly hear from you instead of looking at banners or posters of your company or brand. You could launch a video blog or a series of videos promoting various products from your company and the users can have direct access through your website or web pages.

Video blogs are gaining popularity because ita��s just like shooting an advertisement and you can express your brand better when you are talking to the users through a video. Also, it turns out to be a pretty effective way of marketing because a video acts as a very personalized method to get in touch with your audience.


1. Go beyond the 15- and 30-second spots.

Everyone knows that consumers are migrating to a multi-screen world. As people spend more of their leisure time on digital devices, advertising dollars should follow the eyeballs. For marketers, you are no longer constrained to the formats of old standards that TV once held firm. By thinking outside of the 15- and 30-second box, you can create rich and compelling stories for viewers that are emotional, memorable and impactful.A�Digital browsing is usually done in there spare time, which means that consumers have more time to engage with longer form videos that can be up to three minutes in length.

2. Compel your audience to an action.

Your video may be the bait but the call-to-action is the bite. When activating your video campaign, ita��s important to identify how you want your audience to react for maximum ROI. Include a call to action at the end of your video that reminds the viewer to visit your site or subscribe to your channel. For a relatively low cost.

3. Retarget in order to re-engage.

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is assuming that people will almost immediately make a purchase after watching their video. But think about it: When was the last time you did that yourself? Customers need a reminder across multiple touch points before they make a buying decision.A�Your video is the hook to get people excited about your product, but it will take a few reminders before they return to your site and actually make a purchase.

4. Use data to find an audience and place it programmatically.

There is an amazing amount of consumer data available on the web that can be leveraged to find your ideal audience. Make the most of your budget by combining three different types of data parties:

  • First party: Also known as your data or the CRM data that you own
  • Second party: Is someone elsea��s data, whether it is publisher data or data from the distribution platform that you partner with.
  • Third party: the behemoths of the data world.

If you package these together, youa��ll be able to effectively target an audience with little to no waste. If you can understand who reacts to messages and under what circumstances, you can optimize your campaign and replicate your success with other like-minded consumers.

5. Video is hard but it is not impossible.

What is good about a video if no one is seeing it? Be smart about your video and activate your campaign by partnering with trusted companies that can help you reach your audience across multiple publishers and platforms. Always identify your Key Performance Indicators before you begin. Do you want more views, social engagement, a high click-through rate? A�Once your video is up and running, keep a close eye on the performance and pause it if youa��re not happy with the results. A�There are many small adjustments that can be made to optimize the results and give you the most bang for your buck.