SEO Text for your customers and the search engines

All texts on your website need to be attractive for your customers and rank high in the search results. This is more than only offering good information for your customers. Using SEO Copywriting, we translate your goals in texts, which match the language that your target group speaks.

Our experienced SEO copywriters provide the best combination of well -read and well -to-find content. So you have the best online return. The keywords from the processed keyword research tailored to your situation in the texts for your site. This will make your products and services better found in search engines. Would you like to have a search engine friendly text on your website? Then contact us today.

Be found and convince

There are two important issues in the text on your website:

  1. The texts need to convince your visitors to buy
  2. Search engines need to find your texts on the web

Aimed on conversion

Good Website texts are focussed on conversion. Our copywriters write texts that persuade visitors to buy. When we do this right, visitors will become clients. The texts give your visitors the final push to convert. We focus on the customer from first attracting attention in the text, to maintain interested and to have the need, greet and be encouraged to take action. This is called conversion.

Write new texts or rewrite?

Our SEO copywriters write texts for websites. These are usually new texts. But it might be that the texts are already up to date and fit to your site. In that case we optimize them and rewrite where necessary. Anyway, we ensure that your texts are optimally accessible and that they appeal to your target audience.