What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is a service from Google that lets you create and display easy ads for your business. Whatever your budget is, you can always go to Google AdWords. Using Google AdWords, you can determine when your ads appear itself, and you can set your own budget.

Advertising Display Network

One of the features of Google AdWords is the advertising on the Google Display Network. This network consists of Google partner sites. With Google AdWords, you can show your ads on relevant websites. So you can easily reach the customers who are interested in your product!

Advertising on the Google Search Network

There is also the ability to display your ads within the Google search network. This means that your ads are displayed on the search results pages of Google and search sites that work alongside Google.

Reach potential customers

The biggest advantage of Google AdWords is that you can use your ads to very precisely target users who are interested in your product. Additionally, you can target by other factors such as location, demographics and language. Because users only receive relevant ads are they will be more likely to click on them. And, because the ad appears only in response to a search query, there is a significant probability that the user is already further into the buying cycle.

Increase your ROI

The performance of your ads in Google AdWords are easy to measure. This allows you to easily see whether you reach your goals. Each click is linked to an ad, a keyword and a query. You can instantly process your campaigns using trending in keywords so you can improve your ROI (Return on Investment)
We can start your Google Adwords campaign
We are Google AdWords certified, which means that we have successfully completed all the exams required to start a Google Adword campaign. Please feel free to contact us for a quote or to ask questions.